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Born Micah Davis in Jamaica, Masego grew up in Virginia after his father’s Air Force career eventually landed him there. Self-taught on piano and saxophone, he is also a singer a producer who likes to gather his musical influences together to create music he calls "Trap House Jazz."

Early offerings on Bandcamp helped Masego hone his craft and once he began to feature his music on SoundCloud, he started to gain followers. He premiered his debut Navajo on the Berlin music platform Colors, and after a mention from DJ Jazzy Jeff, people came in droves to stream his music online.

His latest album is Lady, Lady, which Pitchfork hails as “a sophisticated, seductive mix” and features playMYmusic.FM featured artist FKJ and vocalists SiR and Tiffany Gouché. He is currently bringing his music to the people on his latest international tour.




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