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Mario Gaiotto

Brazilian jazz drummer, Mario Gaiotto has been playing with many jazz artists for years now. He has played with such jazz artists as Toninho Ferragutti, Spok, Teco Cardoso, and many more. Living in São Paulo, Brazil the city has many different cultures all living without borders. As a drummer, you are in tune with sounds and many drummers incorporate those sounds in their drumming.

I know of one such rock legend, drummer Neil Peart who built a raft and would put his drums on it, and while on the river by his house would play his drums to the sounds of nature. This is the same with jazz drummer, Mario Gaiotto who listens to the sounds of all those cultures in his city to create his music. During the pandemic, he got together with pianist, Daniel Grajew, and bassist Sidiel Viera to record new music mixing music from the cultures of Arabs, Jews, Turks, Japanese, Moroccans, and Armenians. This mix was amazing and the result is the debut album from this talented drummer and composer titled, Cosmopaulista which was released on August 7th. I can listen to this album over and over again, it's definitely on my playlist. Check out the song Raining with its mellow sounds that take your breath away. When he tours we hope he comes to NYC to play it will be fantastic to hear it all in person. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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