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Maria Chiara Argiro

Jazz pianist/composer, Maria Chiara Argiro, London based, Italian born has been mixing jazz music with contemporary sounds and mixing electro keyboards into her compositions. Her music sounds like an ethereal dream. She was born and raised in Lazio, Rome surrounded by ancient ruins and beautiful sounds. Her interest in music began at an early age and she started singing in the Clara Schumann choir as well as playing piano, which is her beloved instrument. She studied jazz at the University at Middlesex and started performing in 2013 with an art-rock band, These New Puritans. Maria Chiara Argiro after some time decided that she wanted some rhythmical ideas and learned how to play African percussion instruments like Djambe and doun-doun in several African bands. She wanted to experience music in all it's forms and styles. She later moved to England and settled in London and has been busy ever since. She has toured with such artists as Bjork, Coco M'bassi and her musical influences are various such as, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, and many others. She made her recording debut in 2016 and last year released her album, Hidden Seas. Next month her lastest album, Flow with jazz guitarist, Jamie Lemming will be released. Her mix of jazz with electronics, classical, and folk forms gives her music a breath of fresh air. Check out this talented pianist and composer and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

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