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Mammal Hands

The members of the jazz trio Mammal Hands hail from Norwich, UK. Brothers Jordan and Nick Smart (saxophone and piano, respectively) started out an electronica duo, but with the addition of drummer Jesse Barnett, they evolved into a group that plays jazz heavily infused with not only ambient and electronica influences, but also world music, courtesy of Barnett’s tabla.

The band’s first album, Animalia was produced by Matthew Halsall who released the record on his Gondwana label in 2014. After that followed Floa[ (2016) and Shadow Work (2017). The latter was the group’s first self-produced recording and one that All About Jazz felt “shows an admirable musical development for Mammal Hands, that suggests they will continue to delight us for some time to come by finding ways to keep their trio sound fresh and inventive”

The trio is currently touring Eastern Europe.

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