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Laura Misch

This Southeast London born singer, producer and saxophonist comes from a musical family. Laura Misch and her sibling have been making music since they were children. You may recognize her last name because her brother Tom Misch is also a well-known Jazz musician. Laura Misch says she learned to play the saxophone as a rebellion to not learn to play the violin like her brother. She mixes Jazz with experimental explorations in different styles and sounds and can make her saxophone sound like water flowing at times. Other than playing for her brother, Laura Misch has also played with and opened up for some of the top artists in both Jazz and Neo-Soul. Her 1st self produced debut was in 2017 with the EP, Playground. She released new music this past year with an album that also accompanied a film called: Lonely City which is a trilogy that was directed by Greg Barnes. Check out this ethereal folkish singer-saxophonist and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

Lonely City



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