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Jazz pianist, Kiefer Shackelford or professionally known as Kiefer has been playing piano since age six. His introduction to jazz music came from his dad and like most musicians studied both classical and jazz music. Things changed when he grew up and decided to start experimenting and mixing jazz with hip-hop and electronic beats. He says he has imagined jazz legend, Duke Ellington said, Now remember, son, make sure they always think what you’re doing is jazz? Kiefer keeps the elements of jazz in place but after seeing jazz artist, MNDSGN he realized there is a whole other world in which you can mix jazz and other genres of music and started producing his own tracks. He has built quite a following since he releases Dilla tributes while playing along to the records.

He first caught my attention when I heard his song, AAAAA. The groove and smoothness of the track has you relax and vibe with it. I love beautiful piano pieces and that song with its composition is in constant play on my song list. Kiefer made his debut in 2017 with his album, Kickinit Alone, and has collaborated with such artists as Anderson Paak and jazz trumpeter, Theo Croker. Last year he won a Grammy for Best R&B Album for his production work on Anderson Paak's album, Ventura. He has also launched his piano course, Kiefer: Keys, Chords, and Beats with the online school, Soundfly. This year he has released several singles including, Everybody Loves The Sunshine ft. Theo Croker, Friends, and I Remember This Picture. Check out this super talented keyboardist/producer and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening.

I Remember This Picture



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