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Kathrine Windfeld Big Band

When you think of big band music you may be thinking Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, and others. Nowadays big band has changed and this Danish pianist is leading the way. Kathrine Windfeld born in Svendborg on Funen in Denmark studied jazz music at the Department of Musicology in Copenhagen

and jazz composition at the Swedish jazz school, Fridhems Folkhogskola. Since she was a teenager she was always creating either by painting, singing, or piano playing.

Since 2003 the piano became her primary instrument and her way of expressing herself and she started composing her first arrangements. Kathrine Windfeld made her debut in 2015 with her self-produced album, Aircraft which gained attention throughout Europe. The success of that album led to her being signed to Denmark's jazz label, Stunt. In 2017 she released her 2nd album, Latency which showed her maturity in composition and her ear for details and texture. She gained international attention after her 2nd album and started to tour outside Scandanavian countries. In January of last year, she received the prestigious Letterone Rising Stars Jazz Award in London which would fund her touring to several European cities. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put those concerts on hold but it didn't stop her from writing, composing, and recording a new album. Her album Orca was released in October of last year and it's a beautifully orchestrated work that draws on her love of the sea and its sounds. This is not your ordinary big band, check out this super-talented pianist, composer, and arranger and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!




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