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Jonny Liebeck

Every so often you come across an artist whose music you fall in love with. Such is the case with jazz pianist, Jonny Liebeck from London, U.K. He captured my attention when I saw he had tracks on the dance music label, Traxsource. I researched more about this talented pianist and loved his compositions.

He has been written about, especially in Latino music blogs or online magazines such as Latino Life. His mix of jazz with Latin/funk and soul has won audiences around the world. He is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and began his musical journey at age 8 when he started playing the piano. Later by age eleven, he started playing the organ at church. He says everything changed for him when he heard Duke Ellington play on the radio. He taught himself jazz piano and by age 19 started writing his own compositions. Jonny Liebeck fell in love with Latin music while playing with a band that played Latin jazz standards. This is how he discovered the music of legendary Latin jazz pianist/composer, Chick Correa. He was later invited to play in Cuba and his love of Latin music and its culture was cemented into his soul. He made his debut in 2020 with his self-released EP, Mellow Mind with its mix of jazz fusion and cool organ playing. Check out the song, Nostalgic Evenings. This artist is not just a jazz pianist but an organist, keyboardist, producer, and DJ who doesn't want to be just a jazz artist. Last year he released his second EP, London Past and Present on the dance label Traxsource with all the songs in the deep house genre. Cool stuff that you have to check out, especially if you are a dance music fan like myself. He just released his latest EP, A Message Through Sound which is completely stripped down with just beautiful piano pieces. Check out this multi-talented pianist/composer/organist/producer/DJ and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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