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Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead

Indie jazz drummer, Jonathan Barber is so interesting rhythmically that I sometimes have to listen to the song again to catch that sound. This talented drummer from Hartford, Connecticut mixes jazz with not only the classic and swing style but also elements of gospel, soul, rock, and fusion. Those mixes create some amazing sounds and energy.

Together with his band Vision Ahead, they have traveled the world and are being recognized by jazz lovers and jazz artists such as Terrance Blanchard and others. Jonathan Barber has provided the backbeat for artists such as Erykah Badu, Stanley Jordan, Marcus Strickland, and many others. In 2018 he was voted the best up-and-coming drummer by Modern Drummer and released his debut album, Vision Ahead the same year. In 2020 he released his sophomore album, Legacy Holder, and won critical acclaim from Jazziz, Downbeat magazine, and others. Check out the title song, Legacy Holder, and its laid-back saxophone sound and guitar solo, the composition is flawless. This past May he released his third album, Poetic and I already have this on my jazz playlist. We are waiting for a new tour for this album. Check out this talented drummer and composer and be sure to see him live. Support independent music and musicians, happy listening!




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