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Janne Mark

Many people when they talk about musicians they very rarely mention the human voice as an instrument. Singers or vocalists can do incredible sounds with their voices. This singer-songwriter and composer, Janne Mark whose instrument is her voice is one talented musician. Born and raised in Struer, Denmark she has been active in her church choir, and singing hymns is what excites her about music. She grew up in a home that didn't really play a lot of music but she listened to 80's music when she was a teenager. She made her debut with a band called B-Ware and in 1992 won Denmark radio's Zig Zag program which is the equivalent to a Junior song contest.

She has since recorded over 4 albums that gave her international recognition. Her music is a mix of the freedom of jazz with religious hymns and Danish folk music. She is a writer and composer and continues to break boundaries with her voice and her music. Think Kate Bush singing hymns and you can almost hear Janne Mark singing hymns. Last year she released her latest album, Kontinent along with Norwegian trumpeter, Arve Henriksen. Check out this unique and talented singer-songwriter/composer and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!




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