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James Beckwith

Jazz pianist, composer, and producer, James Beckwith is one of the many amazing jazz artists coming out of South London, U.K. I first heard of him from his debut in 2020 with the album, Long Distance. An album he says was inspired by the distance between him and his partner. His partner was in Montreal, Canada and he is in London.

The album was critically acclaimed for it's

sound and mixing not only multiple genres but also including drum and bass breakbeats.

On the same album, he did a remake of Pink Floyd's Money with an Afrobeat, a song you definitely need to hear. He is a graduate of Leeds College of Music and attended the Trinity Laban Conservatoire. James Beckwith has a great sense of humor and films and edits his own videos. He even filmed a parody with the video Her Name Is Covid. This well sought-after musician has played with the best on the London jazz scene from Nubya Garcia, Yasmin Lacey, and many others. Listen to the track, Topimpa with his beautiful piano melodies, and its space-sounding groove.

James Beckwith is always seeking new ways of expressing his creativeness. He would also like to film videos for musical compositions and movie scores because he loves orchestration. Nothing would make him happier than conducting a large orchestra to one of his compositions. Last year he released his latest, SE10 and I can't stop playing it. Now that things are finally opening up again we hope to see this amazing talent perform live here in the U.S. and especially here in New York City. Check out this super talented pianist/keyboardist and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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