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Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf was born in Lebanon to a musical family who fled the country during the Lebanese Civil War. Settling in Paris, the family was able to provide a stable environment where Ibrahim could explore his passion for music, beginning with trumpet lessons from his father Nassim when he was just seven. He continued his studies in a range of styles, from classical to contemporary, as well as Arabic traditions. Performing with his father, he became fluent on his father’s invention, a microtonal trumpet ("quarter-tone trumpet"), which makes it possible to play Arabic maqams (system of melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music).

Maalouf continued his studies in a more formal fashion, spending five years studying at Conservatoire de Paris, later teaching himself and recording with a variety of French musicians. He released his own album, Diasporas, in 2007. He’s collaborated with a variety of musicians, including Sting, Salif Keita, Archie Shepp, and others. He’s spent years honing his compositional skills as well, leading to projects scoring for orchestral works and film scores. His most recent recording is S3NS, released last year



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