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Fabia Mantwill Orchestra

When an artist gives me the chills I'm excited. Listening to this very talented saxophonist, composer and vocalist were mind-blowing. Fabia Mantwill from Berlin, Germany has been on the jazz scene for some time. She has been gaining international recognition with her orchestra which mixes jazz with classical and folk music. Although there are selections that mix contemporary jazz with African rhythms and other music genres.

She was destined to have a music career from a very young age. At age 6 she was taking classical piano lessons and at age 10 learned to play the saxophone. She says her parents took her to many concerts and that's how she decided to follow a career in music. When she got older she came to the U.S. and took part in the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead residency program at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Some of her teachers there were such artists as Jason Moran, Eric Revis, and Cyrus Chestnut. After this event, she decided she wanted to change things. One of her mentors played her a blues record that changed how she thought about her musical roots which were entrenched in classical music. She wanted to mix contemporary jazz with classical music but make it swing. Well since then she has done an amazing job in not only writing beautiful symphonic overtures but singing and being a bandleader. She has traveled the world with her 23 member orchestra and this year she released her debut album, EM.Perience to rave reviews. Just check out her song Sasa Ndio Sasa with its African rhythms and the beautifully orchestrated Mélodie de la Rivière . Her music just makes you smile and we can't wait for her to tour the States. So looking forward to seeing her live. Check out this super-talented saxophonist, composer, vocalist, arranger and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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