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De Beren Gieren

Life is always interesting when you come across a jazz artist whose music has different elements to it that you have to listen to. This electro-piano trio from Ghent, Belgium, De Beren Gieren has been making music since 2009. They have released 5 albums and 2 EPs. In the same year that the band got together, they won the Young Jazz Talent competition at the Gent Jazz Festival. The trio has been playing together for over a decade and can read each other's musical language but can still surprise each other when performing live.

In the Dutch jazz scene, the musicians perform with a sense of humor and that can be found on this group's music throughout their albums. It's a camaraderie that bonds jazz musicians there. Their music is a mix of jazz with electronic avant-garde, rock, and fusion elements. What makes this jazz trio distinct is their mix of melodies inside their compositions. It's a landscape that builds as the song evolves. The members of the trio are Fulco Ottervanger, Lieven Van Pee, and Simon Segers and like many musicians during this pandemic were busy composing and creating new music. The great thing about De Beren Gieren is when performing live you won't ever get the same show twice. They believe that improvisation is the key to life and therefore they feed off of each other on stage. In September of this year, they will release their latest album, Less Is Endless. Be on the lookout for this talented trio and we hope when things open up again for them to come to the U.S. on tour. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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