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Christian Sands

When I was younger Jazz was not one of the music genres that I would listen to. It didn't make sense to me, well it wasn't 4/4 time but much more complicated. My friend and colleague who hosted the Jazz show at my college radio station introduced me to Jazz. These days Jazz is continually expanding and artists are stirring the pot. But there are those that still love traditional Jazz but done their way. Jazz pianist, Christian Sands is an Indie Jazz artist to watch. Born in New Haven, Connecticut he began taking piano lessons at a very young age, and according to Christian Sands, he said "I grew up with music in my home, my classroom and on stage." His influences range from Jazz legend, Wynton Marsalis, Kenny Garrett, and Marcus Roberts. He was mentored by Jazz pianist, Billy Taylor and was a finalist in 2014 for the American Pianists Association Jazz Fellowship Awards. He has played with the Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra lead by Bobby Sanabria and others. Check out this talented Jazz pianist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Can't Find My Way Home



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