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Camila Meza

Today on the Jazz Cafe, we’re highlighting an indie music success story.

Called one of the best-kept secrets in New York City, Chilean born singer/guitarist Camila Meza left her home for the Big Apple in 2009 to study with masters of the craft at the New School or Jazz and Contemporary Music. Upon her graduation in 2012, she devoted herself full-time to her, but she had a head start having already collaborated with other musicians on the New York jazz scene.

Growing up in Santiago, her taste in music was initially confined to rock or classical, but with a bevy of jazz-loving siblings, over time she embraced the genre. She began singing and learned to play guitar as accompaniment. She eventually formed a band, and at the age of 22 recorded a collection of standards while still in Chile entitled Skylark.

Her 2017 album Traces was widely praised by the press. The New York Times called her as "A bright young singer and guitarist with an ear for music of both folkloric and pop intention,” as well as getting the nod from DownBeat as one of the best new artists in both Vocals and Guitar.

All of this attention has paid off. Signing with Sony, she’s currently working on a new project called Ambar, due out later this year. On this occasion, we’re featuring a full set from her appearance at the Jazzahead Festival from Camila to celebrate her latest achievement.



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