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Butcher Brown

Richmond, VA is home to Butcher Brown, a group that describes its music as garage punk jazz funk. Harkening back to the late 60s and early 70s, when jazz when undergoing yet another transformation that mirrored cultural and musical revolutions, Butcher Brown welds a jazz feel to funk, or maybe it’s the other way around. Who says a jazz band band can’t play funk? They would have felt right at home back in those heady days of experimentation.

Butcher Brown got a taste of limelight when the quintet recorded with Nicholas Payton on his 2014 release Numbers. The group’s own debut followed a year later, the digital album GrownFolk, packed with 20 songs.

The band has continued steady output, with even a Christmas-themed double single, A Very Butcher Holiday. The band, comprised of Marcus Tenney (Saxophone & Trumpet), Morgan Burns (guitar) ,DJ Harrison (keyboards). Andrew Randazzo (bass) and Corey Fonville (drums), released the 6-track Camden Session EP in October 2018,




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