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Bryony Jarman-Pinto

Singer/songwriter Bryony Jarman-Pinto spent her formative years in Cumbria, UK. Both of her parents were musicians, and they encouraged to follow in their footsteps. She began singing in singing workshops at an early age, where she absorbed the stylistic traditions of jazz greats. Later studying at the Glasgow School of Art studying Painting and Printmaking, she began to experiment with friend Tom Leah AKA Werkha, improvising over samples and loops.

As she developed her own sound, she kept her childhood jazz influences while adding folk and soul elements to her songs. She spent three years crafting the tunes for her debut album, Cage and Aviary, released in 2019. The record received positive press and garnered attention on both sides of the pond from prominent DJs like Gilles Peterson and Jeremy Sole, among others. PopMatters raved about the debut, stating that Jarman-Pinto “creates something spectacularly original on her debut LP, Cage and Aviary. Sure, it's jazzy and funky, and yes, it's beautiful and lush. But most importantly, above all else, it's simply unforgettable.”

Saffron Yellow



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