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Brandon Seabrook

Brandon Seabrook seems to think that his hopes of becoming a more traditional jazz guitar player are dashed. This eclectic jazz artist likes his jazz noisy. If you know his work then you know he was part of a group along with his brother called Seabrook Power Plant. The group produced several albums of punk music mixed with the wildest and loudest sounding tracks you've ever heard. Back then Brandon Seabrook was shredding tenor banjo guitar but things have changed since 2009. He studied at the New England Conservatory in Boston and has worked with Peter Evans, Ben Allison, and many others. In total, he's been featured on over 70 jazz recordings. The Village Voice at one time voted him New York's Best Guitarist. In 2017 he released his debut album with his trio called Needle Driver.

He says his love of jazz started in high school when he started listening to Cecil Taylor, Eric Dolphy, and Jimmy Smith. He loved blues-based jazz and it's an easy way to get into jazz via the blues. Things changed in college when he felt confident enough to go free-form. In 2020 he released his album, Exultations and last year released Voluptuaries with Simon Nabatov. This past May he released his album, In The Swarm with his trio featuring Cooper-Moore and Gerald Cleaver. Brandon Seabrook is based here in NYC and you can catch him playing around the city and on tour. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

In The Swarm



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