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Anat Cohen And Trio Brasileiro

Anat Cohen is an Israeli musician now based in NYC. Though she plays both the saxophone and clarinet, it’s the latter instrument which has brought her acclaim year after year. Studying at the Berklee College of Music, Cohen has evolved into an impressive band-leader creating an eclectic mix of jazz flavored with world music.

Her debut album, Place and Time (featuring brother Avishai) was released in 2005. Several more recordings have followed, including two Grammy-nominated albums, Outra Coisa: The Music Of Moacir Santos with Marcello Goncalves (Best Latin Jazz Album) as well as Rosa Dos Ventos with Trio Brasileiro (Best World Music Album).

The members of Trio Brasileiro are active both in and outside their triad. Douglas Lora is a member of the Brazil Guitar Duo with João Luiz. Lora and percussionist Alexandre Lora are also members of Caraivana, a group that is best known for its embrace of traditional Brazilian choro music. Bandolin player Dudu Maia is also a devotee of the form and authored "The Choro Handbook" with guitarist Henrique Neto, providing both technique and historical context for other musicians interested in the genre.

The trio joined forces with Anat Cohen to create Rosa Dos Ventos to create a jazz, choro and samba sensation, which DownBeat lauded as “spacious music, with plenty of infectious melodies.”



Trio Brasileiro: Website | YouTube | Spotify | Facebook


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