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Alonso Gonzalez & Jazz Latino

Let's hear it for the congueros. I have been following this conga jazz player for some time and I just love listening to his orchestrations. Alonso Gonzalez has been playing congas since he was 11 years old and later he and his friends decided to start a band in his native Columbia. He was enamored with Latin rhythms and was taking classes from well know musicians in Cartagena, Columbia.

At the tender age of 13, he made his professional stage debut and his school band went on to play concerts that featured some of the biggest names in salsa music. Some of those artists are Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jerry Rivera, and many others. Alonso Gonzalez is in line with some of the greatest Latin jazz conga players and leaders like Mongo Santamaria, Poncho Sanchez, Ray Baretto, and many more. He has traveled the world and from his travels has fused the music of those countries he has visited. He may play the congas but has also played Indian instruments such as the tabla and dhol. He is always exploring different sounds and different percussive instruments.

He made his debut in 2015 with the album, La Compostura and followed it up in 2020 with the album, Descarga Pa' Ti. His mix of Latin jazz with some beautiful melodies and compositions such as Memorias. Heis gearing up for a release sometime this year but has just released his new single Mr. Fool. He is now residing in Hong Kong and continues to wow audiences worldwide with his mix of Latin jazz, African rhythms, Caribbean grooves, and international percussive instruments. Check out this super-talented conguero and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Mr. Fool



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