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Mandrake Handshake

by Kristine England

Monday, November 21, 2022

What is it about Oxford, UK that births so many interesting musical talents? Formed in 2018,  Mandrake Handshake is a nine-piece collective that makes psych rock grooves influenced by krautrock and funk, building layers of sound and ethereal vocals to create an immersive sonic experience. The group relocated to London not so long ago, and its new EP, The Triple Point Of Water,  hints at the feelings of displacement and alienation that can accompany leaving the comfort of home for the big city.

The follow-up to the band’s 2021 debut EP, Shake the Hand That Feeds You, the group’s latest is continuing to build a buzz. DIY calls them “otherworldly,” proclaiming “Mandrake Handshake have tapped into their roots and sprouted anew on this, each psych-pop number here highlighting a novel facet of their sui generis six (sic) person army.”


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