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by Rosie G.

December 17, 2023

As this year winds down we here at have brought you indie artists in several music genres that we felt needed to be discovered and listened to. I chose ten of the best up-and-coming jazz artists for you to get to know.

One of those artists was Markus Rutz from Chicago. Nothing like the smooth sound of the trumpet. His playing and his compositions are soulful and with a groove, you can sit back and relax too. I love his song “Storybrook” from the album of the same name. Also, check out his songs “The Everyday Escapades of M&M” and “Short Story.” You will love the intro with the double bass that will have you bopping along. In my opinion, just listen to the whole album, every song is great.  I’m looking forward to new music from this super-talented multi-genre jazz trumpeter.

Remember to support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy holidays to you and your family and thanks for following and playMYmusic.FM. Happy listening!

"Short Story"

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