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Cassie Kinoshi


by Rosie G.

March 30, 2024

The saxophone is one of the most sexy-sounding instruments in jazz. British jazz saxophonist/composer Cassie Kinoshi always hits the right notes. She is the group Seed Ensemble founder and has been creating beautiful music since 2016.

She formed the group to celebrate British culture and its diversity. Her music is a mix of West African and Caribbean jazz. She is constantly working and is part of the jazz groups Kokoroko and Nérija. She debuted with Seed Ensemble in 2019 with the album Driftglass which won the Mercury Prize. Listen to the album and you will hear some amazing African-Caribbean dance sounds with a mix of jazz that is hard to stop listening to. She has just released her new single “ii” and her new album Gratitude: Movements i&ii. She is on tour and hoping she comes to the States for some shows especially here in NYC. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


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