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Carlos Sarduy


by Rosie G.

March 26, 2023

Latin jazz trumpeter/percussionist, Carlos Sarduy knows how to groove. At three, he started playing the trumpet in his native Cuba. Since he was a child he was playing with Afro-Cuban bands on stage. His father taught him how to play the trumpet and this child prodigy took off and is considered one of the most important jazz trumpet players today.

At age 10 he studied at the Paulita Concepcion Conservatory and by age 16 won his first jazz award. He has shared the stage with such Latin jazz legends like Chucho Valdez, Los Van Van, Afro-Cuban All Stars, and more. He moved to Europe by age 20 and entered the European jazz scene. There he played with Esperanza Spalding, Orishas, Ojos De Brujo, and many others. He won a GrammyLatino in 2008 with the group Ojos De Brujo. He has collaborated with many of the jazz greats and has traveled the world playing at many jazz festivals around the world. He made his debut in 2017 with the album Charly En La Habana. He plays with his group the Groove Messengers and I can say he reminds me of the late jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove. In 2019 he released his solo album Luz and is constantly releasing singles and playing live. If he comes to your city be sure to catch his super-talented jazz groove trumpeter, you will have a great time.

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"Groove Messengers"

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