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Amaro Freitas


by Rosie G.

March 3, 2024

Jazz pianist Amaro Freitas’s life changed the day he watched a DVD of legendary jazz pianist Chick Correa. Born and raised in the Northern city of Recife, Brazil he discovered his passion for music in church. He has natural talent and to fund his way at the Conservatório Pernambucano de Música he played at weddings and parties.

After watching a live concert of jazz pianist Chick Correa at 15, he decided playing the piano was what he was meant to do. He was the most sought-after pianist in his city by age 22. His mixing of folk and ceremonial rhythms and harmonies from his native Brazil with jazz is otherworldly. In 2016 he made his debut with the album Sangue Negro which was critically acclaimed. He has released several albums since and just released his latest album Y’Y. Check out the song “Sonho Ancestral” with its rapid-fire piano playing and the beautiful “Gloriosa” He is on tour and will play here in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge on March 5th. Support independent music & musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


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