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October 3, 2023

R&B is not an easy genre for singers to make their mark in. The genre is saturated with lots of talent and standing out can be difficult. Amaria McGee who is professionally known as Amaria, has broken out from the crowded field and critics have taken notice.

This Tampa native has the smooth sounds of an Erykah Badu or Cleo Sol. She reminds me of Neo-Soul singers from the 90s. She mixes elements of funk, soul, and ambient music to create her slow jams. She made her debut in 2020 with the single, “Morning” and since then has released several singles. In 2021 she released her debut EP, Bittersweet, and not only can she sing and write music but she also produces her own songs. Now based in L.A. she just released her new single, “Day by Day.” We can’t wait for a new album and some tour dates. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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by Rosie G.

"Day by Day"

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