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Snarky Puppy

December 2018

Snarky Puppy is a jazz-funk-rock ensemble that operates out of Brooklyn though the band was originally formed in Denton, TX by bassist Michael League. With three Grammy wins to its credit, the band remains independent, even with some major label stints in the past.  Led by League, the group is composed of guitarists Bob Lanzetti, Mark Lettieri,  and Chris McQueen, keyboardists Bill Laurance, Bobby Sparks, Shaun Martin, and Justin Stanton (also on trumpet), Mike Maher and Jay Jennings on trumpet; Chris Bullock on tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet; Bob Reynolds on saxophone; Marcelo Woloski and  Keita Ogawa on percussion/drums; Nate Werth on percussion; and drummers  Jamison Ross, Larnell Lewis, and Jason "JT" Thomas. They’re a pretty serious outfit.

Liquid Love featuring Chris Turner



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