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New Music Monday: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Tyler Bryant formed the Shakedown with Caleb Crosby and Calvin Webster not long after he relocated to Nashville from his home in Paris, TX in 2008 The group’s first EP, My Radio, was released in 2011. The group has subsequently released several EPs and full-length records since, the latest being Shake the Roots.

Over the years the band has experienced highs and lows: personnel changes, tensions with labels, and a continued commitment to making blues and roots music their way without the strictures of a record company’s concerns about commercial viability. Shake the Roots is the result, released on the band’s own label Rattle Shake Records. Ghost Cult contends that the new record is “a well-balanced album of roots ‘n blues driven Rock in the perfect way.”

“Ain't None Watered Down”

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