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New Music Monday: Jessie Baylin

Singer/songwriter Jessie Baylin looks to her roots on her latest, Jersey Girl. Her first album since 2015 (not including a children’s record released in 2018), Jersey Girl finds Baylin reflecting on loss -- the loss of her friend and collaborator, Richard Swift, in 2018, and also of her identity when her duties as a mother made her feel “like a hologram of myself,” she told People. Though she’s lived in Nashville for the past decade with her husband, Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill, she’s never forgotten where she’s from.

Now working with producers Ian Fitchuk and Daniel Tashian (also co-writer) producer, she’s offered up an album of “breezy, retro daydreams” (People) on which she “explored myself through these songs — the ugly parts, the shameful parts, the things I didn’t want to look at — I got closer and closer to the true essence of who I am.” (Consequence of Sound)

“Time is a Healer”

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