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New Music Monday: Bits in Pockets

The Bits

Turkish rock band Bits in Pockets has a unique backstory. Though the group is comprised of four friends from high school, they went off to college in Canada and the UK yet continued to make music together while apart.

Lead vocalist and songwriter Emre Arduman, guitarist Derin Dönmez, bassist Ata Tuna, and drummer Tibet Ahunbay contributed their work over the Internet but also managed to record when they all happened to be back home in Istanbul. Their name refers to fragments of memories scribble on scraps of paper from days gone by. The songs are largely influenced by Arduman’s student days in London, telling his stories with upbeat, modern rock. The group’s mission? “To be a part of the prospective 20’s Rock ‘n Roll revival.” Their debut EP, The Bits, finds them well on their way.

“Halfway Through An Episode”

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