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Jazz Cafe: 2019 Top Artists

It's been a busy year at playMYmusic.FM, and Rosie G. has showcased many talented artists from around the globe who mix jazz with other genres. She's compiled her top five picks for 2019 and looks forward to another year of discovering and showcasing independent jazz artists worldwide.

1. Seba Kaapstad

Germany meets Africa wth this group based in Cape Town. Led by bassist Sebastuab Schuster, Seba Kaapstad creates a unique mix of European and African traditions.


2. Ego Ella May

Ego Ella May is a British singer/composer who incorporates classic soul and contemporary jazz into her personal mix. She's been singing and writing since her teens and recently signed to international British indie Tru Thoughts.

Table For One

3. Yussef Dayes

Yussef Dayes formed United Vibrations with brothers Ahmad and Kareem, as well as Wayne Francis II in London. These "messengers from inner space" afrobeat, jazz, and funk, He's recently been collaborating with trumpeter Alfa Mist as well.

Love Is the Message

4. Judi Jackson

Born in Virginia, singer Judi Jackson emigrated to London where she made a name for herself while participating in tribute shows to Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone, Mixing jazz and soul, she has released an EP and a live album showcasing her sultry voice.

Worth It

5. Hackney Colliery Band

East London brass ensemble Hackney Colliery Band revives the colliery band tradition (groups created to entertain coal miners) and added percussion and electronics to its traditional brass ethos. The group celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Mm Mm

That is just a sampling of the incredible music we have featured on the Jazz Cafe. Stay tuned in 2020 for more genre-bending music from adventurous independent artists.


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