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by Rosie G.

January 31, 2023

I first met Zoila Martinez almost 10 years ago when my cousin who is also a professional singer, took me to this Latin club here in NYC. The music was amazing and I was dancing just listening to her Salsa band onstage. Since then Zoila who is professionally known as Zoilapianista hails from Mexico and has been making her mark in the Latin music world. 

She started her music journey at age four when her father sat her down in front of an organ and later signed her up for music lessons at the Yamaha Music Academy. She admits she did not have a typical childhood since her father wanted her to be superior in her playing and was constantly practicing her instrument. At age 10 she was enrolled at the National Music Conservatory of Instituto National de las Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Zoila is a composer, arranger, and is amazing at improvisation and her stage presence cannot be ignored. She is classically trained on the piano and has studied jazz. You can hear that training when you listen to her amazing playing. 

Since she arrived in New York she has been playing the Latin music circuit with many club dates around the city. She has played with well-known Latin music musicians such as Richito Flores who is fire on the congas and has been the conga player for well-known Latin Jazz artists such as Eddie Palmieri and others. She got her break when Salsa legend Pappo Lucca asked her to play with him and she accompanied Salsa singer Andy Montañez with a piano solo. Since then she has performed with some of the greatest Latin music legends such as Ismael Miranda, Cuco Valoy, and many others. She made her debut in 2013 with her album, Influencias Homenaje al Maestro Papo Lucca, and just released her latest single and album, Lo Pasado, Pasado. Check out this super-talented Latin music pianist and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Lo Pasado, Pasado"

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