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by Rosie G.

May 2, 2023

Baltimore rock band Wye Oak has been gaining a following over the years and it’s about time. The band was first called Monarch and later changed its name to what it is today. The name is a reference to their state tree in Maryland.

The band consists of singer/guitarist/bassist, Jenn Wasner and drummer/keyboardist Andy Stack. Their music is a folk-influenced rock sound with some elements of dream pop. The band has been together for the past 15 years and both members have also recorded solo projects. It doesn’t matter what other recordings they do separately they realize their chemistry in writing and creating great music brings them together each time. They made their debut in 2007 when they released their 1st album If Children independently.  It was followed in 2009 with their sophomore album, The Knot, and on their third album Civilian the title song was used on the show The Walking Dead. Since then they have released several more and are about to release a new single on June 23rd called “Every Day Like the Last.” We can’t wait for them to tour and I’m sure a new album will be released soon. Check out this talented duo and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"Every Day Like the Last"

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