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by Kristine England

January 1, 2023

Tor Lundvall initially made a name for himself as a painter, creating vivid and haunting works of oil on canvas. Yet he couldn’t help but be drawn to music as others in his family before him. Brother Kurt is an engineer, and his late father, Bruce Lundvall, was one of the most respected and beloved record execs in the business. Even while focused on painting, he tinkered around with music, eventually borrowing his brother’s 4-track to capture some original material. His first album, Passing Through Alone was released in 1997, co-produced with Kurt. Through the years, the prolific composer and singer has issued a copious number of recordings. This month, Dais Records will release a special 5 CD box set spanning his work over 33 years, showcasing his evolution from synth pop artist to the master of moody, “dark ambient” soundscapes. The set will include previously unreleased bonus tracks, out-of-print pieces, and vinyl-only titles.

"Forget It!"

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