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by Rosie G.

March 21, 2023

English rock band, Temples are making waves here in the U.S. This psychedelic alternative rock outfit from Kettering, U.K., consists of singer-songwriter/guitarist James Bagshaw, bassist Tom Walmsley, rhythm guitarist Adam Smith, and drummer Rens Ottink. The band started as a studio project in 2012 for their lead singer and bassist but quickly added the other members to complete the band.

Their luck changed when lead singer James Bagshaw and Tom Walmsley uploaded some songs to YouTube. It quickly caught the attention of Heavenly Recordings founder, Jeff Barrett and the rest is history. Temples have been described as a neo-psychedelic band with experimental trippy sounds but with the song craftsmanship of The Beatles. I have to agree and the melodies of their songs get me every time. They released their first single, “Shelter Song” in 2012 and went out on tour the following year. They have played at Coachella and many other music festivals. They released a few more albums and left their label to sign with ATO Records. In 2019 they released their first album for ATO Records with Hot Motion. They believe in making good music and in mysticism given the names of some of their songs. They have had such artists as Noel Gallagher of Oasis come check them out and Suede asked them on tour. They just announced the release of their new album, Exotico which is out on April 14th and produced by Sean Ono Lennon. I’m sure a tour will follow and look forward to some dates here in the States. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


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