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by Rosie G.

July 2, 2024

Several years ago I featured R&B/soul singer-songwriter Sunni Colón, who is back with new music. He has an exciting voice and his music is ethereal. He is Los Angeles's best-kept secret and with good reason.

He admits he has had several stop-starts in trying to find his voice throughout the years. He released several singles and caught the attention of the music industry. He felt lost musically and traveled to other U.S. cities and Europe to find his calling. He released Satin Psychedelic in 2018 and I still love the song “Psicodelic” with its soulful lyrics and 70’s sounding rhythms. Check it out, you will know what I mean. He later co-founded the creative agency TETSU and its accompanying record label. He is back with new music and I’m so excited. He continues to push music boundaries with his mix of samba, jazz, afrobeat, and soul.  He just released his new single, “Dream About You All Through The Night” with its Brazilian-style intro and his sexy soulful vocals. I can’t wait for a new album and tour. Support indie music and musicians. Happy listening!

"Dream About You All Through The Night"

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