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by Rosie G.

April 2, 2024

Nashville, Tennesse Christian rock band Spoken is different from your average band. Things have changed quite a lot in that music genre. The trio consists of lead singer Matt Baird, J.R. Baresis on guitar, Dylan Levernoch on bass and Jared Wisner on drums.Their sound is more nu-metal and boy do they rock.

The band got together in 1996 and made their debut in 1997 with the album, On Your Feet. Their sound has changed since their inception and at first had a mix of rock and rap infused with post-hardcore. Their peers at the time were Rage Against The Machine and 311 whose sound was similar. The band has released several albums since they got together and several member changes. Last year they signed with XOVR which is Brian “Head” Welch’s record label and appears on the song, “ Anymore.”They just released their new album Reflection last month and are now on tour. Also check out their new single,“In The Dark” which I’ve added to my playlist. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"In the Dark"

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