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by Rosie G.

November 14, 2023

Native New Yorker Reid Jenkins comes from a family of musicians. He started playing the violin by age 6 and at age 15 attended the Manhattan School of Music. He is a classically trained violinist in jazz, classical, and fiddle playing.

He formed a band Morningsiders with his friend Magnus Ferguson and has quite a following. They had toured around the country and when they got off the road he started writing songs for a solo project. His debut EP A Beautiful Start which was released in 2021 got rave reviews and I love the song, ‘Strange Lover.’The 4 song EP has simple great songs that are stripped down and are romantic and sentimental.

He just released his debut album, Hall of Gems and I’ve added it to my playlist. Check out the songs, ‘Over The Telephone’ and ‘Changes.’ Great pop songs with great lyrics and sound. We can’t wait for his tour and I’m sure there will be NYC dates soon. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


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