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by Rosie G.

May 6, 2024

This rock band Redd Kross from California first started as a punk band called The Tourists. The band was founded by brothers Steve and Jeff McDonald.This all happened while Steve was still in middle school. Later their friends joined the band and things took off, especially after opening up for the punk band Black Flagg.

Since those early days, there has been a revolving door of band members. Those members include brothers Steve McDonald on bass/vocals, Jeff McDonald on guitar/vocals, Dale Crover on drums, and Jason Shapiro on guitar/vocals.  The band debuted in 1980 with their self-titled EP and has released several albums and EPs since then. The band is now celebrating 45 years of releasing music and has a new self-titled double album out on June 28th. They will also release their memoir, Now You’re One of Us due out in November, and a documentary titled Born Innocent. Their new album has some great songs. I love “Cancion Enojada” and can’t wait for the tour. They released their latest single “Candy Coloured Catastrophe,” go check them out live this summer. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"Candy Coloured Catastrophe"

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