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by Rosie G.

March 28, 2023

British singer-songwriter Paris Paloma has a most hypnotic sound to her voice. It's almost like hearing a siren at sea. She has been gaining followers and is gaining momentum. She started her musical journey at an all-girl boarding school and started performing on stage while there. She started writing her own songs and has taken off ever since.

The year the pandemic began she ran into music producer, Harry Charlton and he produced her single “Narcissist,” which is a beautiful song both lyrically and soundwise. Since then Paris Paloma has been discovered by many music fans because everyone was online during the pandemic. She joined a program for women in music called Hybrid Tribe, they helped her put out her music. They are a great source for mentoring indie female artists as an agency and in the music industry. Her musical influences are Hozier and Grimes. People compare her music to both Billie Eilish and Bon Iver. This feminist writes about women’s issues and she has become more confident in her writing and music. She just released her latest single, Labour and it’s already garnering praise. At only 21 this singer-songwriter is one to watch and look forward to future gigs here in the U.S. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


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