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by Rosie G.

March 7, 2023

I’m always searching for new beats and music and this Iranian-American caught my attention. Meet Pardis who is the daughter of immigrants and wants to inspire and uplift the world with her multi-dimensional music. Her purpose is to help others liberate themselves creatively and I think she will succeed.

Her music brings in all the elements of Middle Eastern sounds that are both experimental and sensual. You will definitely feel the vibes from her songs and you can’t help but groove along with the sounds. Pardis would like to pull you, the listener into a divine state of being. Her melodies are reminiscent of ancient familiar sounds as well as modern interpretations. She released her first single last year titled “Lady of Dust” with its haunting bass lines and tabla sounds. Her new single “I Am the Mountain” which came to be with her collaborator Vferg while they were in Morocco. It is a song of remembrance and empowerment that will have you moving in your seat, you will want to crank this up on your stereo or in your car. There is more music to come from this talented singer-songwriter and we are waiting for a tour. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"I Am the Mountain"

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