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October London


by Rosie G. 

March 28, 2023

At first, when I heard this singer’s song I thought I was hearing some obscure Marvin Gaye track but to my surprise I was wrong. Meet Jared Samuel Erskine or better known professionally as October London. Born in South Bend, Indiana he grew up in a musically inclined family and music was not the career he wanted at first. He actually wanted to be a storm chaser and car enthusiast. He wanted to create car designs but the music just started pouring out of him.

October London is not formally trained and never took music classes as a kid. He just decided one day to hit the play and record button on his boombox and the rest is history. He can’t read music but he has an amazing memory for sound structure and tone. In 2016 everything changed when he met Snoop Dog and recorded some music in his studio. He recorded his debut album Color Blind: Hate and Happiness and he has taken flight. This independent artist has signed with Death Row which has independent distribution. He has recorded many songs and collaborated with such artists as Bootsy Collins, Faith Evans, Nile Rodgers, and more. When opportunity knocked this artist took full advantage and rode it to success. This muli-genre singer-songwriter/producer/ has started his own company, London Creative Group, and just released his new album, The Rebirth of Marvin, and his new EP, Technicolor. The albums are on constant repeat on my playlist. Check out this incredible singer-songwriter/producer and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"Mulholland Drive"

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