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Nicotine Dolls


by Rosie G.

September 12, 2023

Indie rock band Nicotine Dolls, based in NYC, have been performing since 2017. The band comprises lead singer Sam Cieri, guitarist John Hays, bassist John Merritt, and drummer Abel Tabares. You may know Sam Cieri from his amazing performance on the TV show America’s Got Talent in 2022.

The band who came from different musical backgrounds have fused rock, pop, soul, and jazz to form their own sound. Their lead singer came up with their band name and calls those who spend the night smoking outside the clubs or bars, Nicotine Dolls. I love it and will now remember that when I go to clubs or bars. I first heard of this band years ago when I heard their song, “Madness” and what truly struck me was the lead singer’s voice which is otherworldly. Their songs lyrically are moving and so are their visuals. They made their debut in 2019 with several singles that were released with my favorite “Burning A Good Thing.”

They just released their latest single “Slip” and are now on tour. One of the things they were asked recently was if they could manifest something right now what would it be? Answer: To have Nicotine Dolls sell out Madison Square Garden in 2024. In the meantime, they are now on tour and will play the Mercury Lounge here in NYC on October 6th. Get your tickets and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


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