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by Rosie G.

February 6, 2024

American bassist and experimental singer-songwriter Dwayne Thomas Jr, professionally known as MonoNeon has been catching people’s attention with his fun videos and infectious songs. This self-taught bassist started playing at age 4 and there’s been no stopping him since then.

He has a cult following online and was hired by the legendary Prince as part of his house band before he passed away. His music is avant-funk with R&B and a lot of improvisation. He made his debut in 2012 with the album, Down-to-Earth-Art and has released several albums since. After listening to his music he reminds me so much of early Parliament Funkadelic and I can hear Prince is also a heavy influence. Check out songs,” “Under the Spell of You” from his 2019 album My Feelings Be Peeling and “The Black Bag Surprise” from his 2022 album Put On Earth. This bad-ass bassist is one to keep your eyes on. 

He just released his single, “Church of Your Heart” from his forthcoming album, Quilted Stereo. Make sure to check him out live when he comes to your city or town. Support indie music and musicians. Happy listening!

"Church Of Your Heart"

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