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Rosie G.

March 14, 2023

I have been following this super-talented guitarist/percussionist. Meet Marcin Patrzalek from Kielce, Poland. The way this artist uses his guitar as both his instrument and percussion are incredible. His fingerpicking percussive style mixed with modern techniques and orchestration are amazing. He reminds me of English singer-songwriter/guitarist Jon Gomm who also uses his guitar in the same way.

Marcin as he is professionally known started playing classical guitar at the age of 10 and studied with Spanish guitarist Carlos Pinana. He made his stage debut in 2015 by winning a Polish talent show called Must Be The Music. He used his prize money to record his debut album, Hush. He released several singles and became widely popular in his country. His fingerstyle reminds me very much of flamenco maestros such as Carlos Montoya and others. Marcin did record his version of the great Spanish pianist/composer, Issac Albéniz's famous composition, Asturias. He has been releasing videos on YouTube for a few years now and has also released his own albums. After several years as an indie artist, this super-talented guitarist/composer just signed with the record label Sony Entertainment/Sony Masterworks and will make his major label debut soon. In the meantime check out his new video featuring jazz pianist, Jesus Molina called Guitar VS Piano. Support indie music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Guitar VS Piano"

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