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by Rosie G.

June 20, 2023

Canadian singer-songwriter Luna Elle is becoming quite popular in the indie music scene. She first started with her love of soccer and played it as a young girl but music was her calling.

She started singing when she was a little girl and that has not changed. This 17-year-old has a big voice and it’s getting noticed by the right people. She has an affinity for old-school R&B and that can be heard in her songs. She made her debut in 2021 with the single “Flaw”. She says she wants to experiment more with Afrobeats since she grew up listening to music from her mother’s country of Ghana. Her musical influences are Beyoncé, Sade, Brandy, and more.

Last year she released her debut EP, Loss of Valuable Energy(L.O.V.E) with my favorites from the album being “Just Friends” and “Energy.” She just released a new single, “Tempo” and hopefully the new album will be released later this year. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening?


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