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by Rosie G.

September 5, 2023

I stumbled across singer-songwriter/rapper Hex when a Thirty Seconds to Mars video popped up for an Open Verse Challenge with his freestylin' on their song “Get Up Kid.” Hex who is from Nottingham in the U.K. has a flow that is smooth and laid back. He was inspired by our American R&B, rap, and Afrobeats.

He started making beats as a teenager while creating his own style and finding his niche. Music was destined to be his future since his father was a musician who played in a band and his uncle was a music producer. One of the musical influences that really inspired him was Michael Jackson. Hex says he loved his style of performance and his vocal range. His other influences are Coldplay, 50 Cent, Post Malone, and others. He started releasing songs in 2017 with “Limitless” and “Gene Kelly” which attracted attention. Since then he has been releasing singles and the record labels have come calling. Great talent like his doesn’t stay indie for long unless the artist wants to be free to create without restrictions.

He just released his single, “Mugshot(Rockstar)” and we are waiting for his debut album. Check out this super-talented melodic rapper and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


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