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by Rosie G.

August 29, 2023

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a good song with great lyrics. Singer-songwriter/guitarist Haley Blais from Vancouver, British Columbia would have been an opera singer but decided on a different direction. She is classically trained and had been part of an opera troupe when she was a teenager but pop music was more her style.

She got her start posting videos of her songs on YouTube and started gaining a following. She released her debut EP Late Bloomer in 2014 and followed it up two years later with Zero Charisma. She describes her music as “nostalgia-pop” and has been gaining attention from critics for her lush vocals and great songwriting. She was asked who would she like to collaborate with and listed Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen as two of her favorites. She made her album debut in 2020 during the pandemic with, Below the Salt to critical acclaim. Check out her songs, “Asleep” and “Someone Called While You Were Out.”

”She just released her new single, “The Cabin” and her new album Wisecrack will be released on September 15th. She just started her tour and will play at The Bowery Ballroom here in NYC on September 25th. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"The Cabin"

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