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by Rosie G.

May 16, 2023

You may have seen or heard of multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson before. He has been a member of 2 great psychedelic rock bands, Tame Impala and Pond. He’s never one to stay idle for too long so he created another avenue for his creativity with GUM.

He grew up in Australia and chose the name GUM from his childhood nickname of Gumby. Under this moniker, he has released several albums with his first in 2014 called Delorean Highway. At the time he described the album as “paranoid pop songs.” A year later he released his sophomore album, Glamorous Damage with my favorite song “Anesthetized Lesson.” In the beginning, the groove on that song reminds me of British singer-songwriter Jamiroquai. He has released several more albums of great music and last month released his new single, “Minor Setback.” If you love to groove then go out and check him out live. We hope he will tour soon. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Minor Setback"

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